Milandr attends the Town of Florence Cybersecurity Symposium!

June 21st, 2019 Posted by Blog Posts, Milandr News 0 thoughts on “Milandr attends the Town of Florence Cybersecurity Symposium!”

Milandr would like to thank Mueller, the Town of Florence, and everyone in attendance at this years IoT Cyber Security Symposium. Comprised of a diverse group of sensors and devices ranging from very simple to endlessly complex, the world of iot promises to fundamentally change our lives. Of course, not without some great challenges. Of these, Cyber Security is perhaps the most important. It is imperative these devices are developed with strong security features in mind. While IoT devices have the ability to alter the environment around us for the better, in the wrong hands it could have devastating results. As such, events such as the Florence Internet of Things Cyber Security Symposium serve an important role in spreading security best practices and discussing effective solutions. This year, companies such as Subex, Mueller, and the Electrum Foundation joined together to comemorate the opening of the Town of Florence’s IoT Lab. Thanks again to all who attended and we cant wait to see you next year!

Milandr’s General Manager Ed Levin and Town of Florence Mayor Tara Walter

The Unveiling of the Town of Florence IoT Lab