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Milandr attends the Town of Florence Cybersecurity Symposium!

June 21st, 2019 Posted by Blog Posts, Milandr News 0 thoughts on “Milandr attends the Town of Florence Cybersecurity Symposium!”

Milandr would like to thank Mueller, the Town of Florence, and everyone in attendance at this years IoT Cyber Security Symposium. Comprised of a diverse group of sensors and devices ranging from very simple to endlessly complex, the world of iot promises to fundamentally change our lives. Of course, not without some great challenges. Of these, Cyber Security is perhaps the most important. It is imperative these devices are developed with strong security features in mind. While IoT devices have the ability to alter the environment around us for the better, in the wrong hands it could have devastating results. As such, events such as the Florence Internet of Things Cyber Security Symposium serve an important role in spreading security best practices and discussing effective solutions. This year, companies such as Subex, Mueller, and the Electrum Foundation joined together to comemorate the opening of the Town of Florence’s IoT Lab. Thanks again to all who attended and we cant wait to see you next year!

Milandr’s General Manager Ed Levin and Town of Florence Mayor Tara Walter

The Unveiling of the Town of Florence IoT Lab

2019 Green Building Trends: Data & Submetering

January 14th, 2019 Posted by Blog Posts 0 thoughts on “2019 Green Building Trends: Data & Submetering”

Cities across the US are demanding more efficient, sustainable buildings, and codifying these demands into law like the city of Denver.

Green buildings provide a triple win – delivering measurable benefits for building owners, occupants and the public from reduced operating costs, improved indoor air quality and reduced energy consumption.

Data seems to be the key to successful green building projects.  In a recent report by Dodge Analytics, data and the Internet of Things boost building performance and reduce operating costs.

Smart metering and submetering equipment like the Milur Smart Meter Series, is now a requirement for many multi-tenant and commercial building projects. Contact us to learn more about intelligent submetering solutions.

Milandr Celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

January 10th, 2019 Posted by Blog Posts, Milandr News 0 thoughts on “Milandr Celebrates its 25th Anniversary!”

For 25 years, Milandr has designed, manufactured and distributed state-of-the-art equipment and networking systems. Over this time, we have endeavored to provide the highest quality and most reliable solutions for our customers. Milandr’s exponential growth is a testament to the innovation and efforts of its employees. The company has formed a unique research and production base, consisting of integrated circuit design, smart metering systems, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and smart city networking technologies like LoRaWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks). Over the past ten years, Milandr completed more than 220 developmental projects, leading to the production of 323 types of integrated circuits. Milandr celebrated its many accomplishments this December with a 25th anniversary celebration. For those lucky enough to attend the gala event, food and drink were provided as well as other entertainment, and a novelty cake was made to top it off! Happy Birthday Milandr!

Milandr 25th Birthday

map with lane closures and congestion

The Smart City Landscape: Scooters and e-Bikes

January 8th, 2019 Posted by Blog Posts 0 thoughts on “The Smart City Landscape: Scooters and e-Bikes”

As cities face increased traffic congestion and pollution, many have adopted sharable scooters and e-bikes as more accessible modes of transportation.  Using these modes to address “First Mile/Last Mile” issues appears to be logical…for now anyway.   There are even business use cases for e-bikes in particular, addressing last-mile issues in the supply chain.

Located in Denver, the team here at Milandr has witnessed its share of scooters on the streets of the Mile High city.  Affordable, quick, and easy-to-use, scooters and e-bike can not only alleviate traffic, but also free up parking spaces.  Time will tell, but these dockless modes of transportation are efficient smart city and IoT solutions for the modern urban center.

Speaking of electric transportation, check out Milandr’s new electric bike.  Very cool tech.

apartment buildings background for NMS

2019 IoT Predictions – The Experts Weigh In

January 8th, 2019 Posted by Blog Posts 0 thoughts on “2019 IoT Predictions – The Experts Weigh In”

From gamification to gun shot detectors, 2019 will be an exciting year for cities as they ramp up technology and embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) and backbone network technology like LoRaWAN®.

One thing is certain: the Smart City theme is GREEN and CLEAN.

In this article by Tech Republic, Smart City thought leaders offer up prognostications on what 2019 will bring to the urban landscape. Cities, like Charlotte, NC, Columbus, OH, Chicago, and Philadelphia have certainly stepped up their Smart City game. Learn more about what they are doing here. Are smart sensors or IoT networks in your future? We’d love to hear from you.