Take the Guesswork out of your LoRaWAN® network coverage


Why Estimate your LoRaWAN® coverage when you can get pinpoint-accurate readings of your whole network! With Milandr’s Coverage Mapping Tool, you can visualize your coverage in real time, and save the results for later!

Analyze & Improve your coverage!

Produce Quick & Accurate maps with Milandr’s Coverage Mapping Tool. Test your signal, visualize your LoRaWAN® network coverage, and save the results. The road to excellent network coverage starts with a few fundemental questions:

1. Where should my Gateway be placed?

2. What is the reliable range of my sensors and gateways?

3. How can I improve my coverage?

All these questions and more can be solved by Milandr’s Coverage Mapping Tool.

How Does it Work?

1. Use our LoRa® Field Tester to gather readings

2. Move within coverage area to gather signal data

3. Visualize your coverage on a Map

Better Understand your Results!

    • Testing can be done on any LoRaWAN® Device


    • Visualize your Network Coverage


    • Download & Share your Data


    • Collects Data on RSSI, SNR, Data Rate, Reception Quality, Frequency, and more!


    • Quick and easy, no prior experience necessary

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