Take the Guesswork out of your LoRaWAN network coverage


Why Estimate your LoRaWAN coverage when you can get pinpoint-accurate readings of your whole network! With Milandr’s Coverage Mapping Tool, you can visualize your coverage in real time, and save the results for later!

Analyze & Improve your coverage!

Produce Quick & Accurate maps with Milandr’s Coverage Mapping Tool. Test your signal, visualize your LoRaWAN network coverage, and save the results. The road to excellent network coverage starts with a few fundemental questions:

1. Where should my Gateway be placed?

2. What is the reliable range of my sensors and gateways?

3. How can I improve my coverage?

All these questions and more can be solved by Milandr’s Coverage Mapping Tool.

How Does it Work?

1. Use our LoRa Field Tester to gather readings

2. Move within coverage area to gather signal data

3. Visualize your coverage on a Map

Better Understand your Results!

    • Testing can be done on any LoRaWAN Device


    • Visualize your Network Coverage


    • Download & Share your Data


    • Collects Data on RSSI, SNR, Data Rate, Reception Quality, Frequency, and more!


    • Quick and easy, no prior experience necessary

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