Milandr LoRaWAN® Smart Gas Meters

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Ultrasonic LoRaWAN® Gas Meters: The Smart Solution

Utilizing ultrasonic technology, Milandr’s residential ultrasonic natural gas meter measures the volume of natural and liquefied gas. The meter is designed with no internal moving parts and retains calibration with minimal maintenance costs. The low-inertia temperature sensor also provides accurate environmental temperature readings.

With a built-in LoRaWAN® radio communications module, it provides near real-time data on gas flow conditions and alerts for tampering and meter malfunction. Integrated non-volatile memory logs daily, monthly, and event data. Its compact and tough IP54 design allows it to be easily installed almost anywhere, and its liquid crystal display enables manual reading.

The meter is revenue-grade, and LoRa connectivity enables wireless integration with existing customer billing systems for accurate and timely submetering of apartments, condos, and retail facilities.

Features & Benefits:

  • No moving parts ensure long working life

  • Multi-year internal battery life

  • Internal Meter Diagnostics

  • Highly accurate ultrasonic gas measurement

  • Tamper sensors ensure safety and accuracy

LoRaWAN® Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Milandr LoRaWAN® Ultrasonic Gas Meter

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  • Highly Accurate Ultrasonic Gas Measurement
  • Internal Meter diagnostics and LoRaWAN network optimization tools
  • Multi-year battery life
  • No moving parts ensures long working life
  • Tamper sensors ensure safety and accuracy

LoRa® Communication provides near real-time data for:

Reverse Flow

Excess Flow

Leak Detection

Gas / Air Monitoring

Alarms Based On Pre-Configured Parameters

Tampering Protection


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