Modular Energy Consumption Metering System

Highly Configurable Components Cluster.

Milandr's Modular Energy Consumption System

Milandr provides a Modular Energy Consumption Metering system.  The hardware and software components of the system form a stackable and scalable network that enables flexibility and customization of IoT networks and smart city ecosystems.

A combination of interchangeable hardware and software modules, the system provides a scalable Energy monitoring and management system that automates data collection and processing for wireless transport to the Cloud, ERP systems, data analytics systems, or billing systems.

Providing the flexibility of  LoRaWAN, Wi-Fi and ISM band Radio Frequency (RF) wireless connectivity, the components are perfect for energy monitoring and Smart City applications where energy must be monitored in real-time and where wired infrastructure is not an option.

The Components were developed with scalability and flexibility in mind. The number of hardware modules in the stack depends on the data needed and the number of devices that have to be connected to the network. Just stack the modules you need and register them with the software.

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The ICU is one of the most essential modules in the Milur Commercial Cluster. It acts as a control module for the rest of the blocks. Its main functions are monitoring the level of charge and the battery life, clock accuracy, produces information about devices connected to the cluster, setting paramaters, and more. It is the central hub that connects every other module together. The ICU is integrated with Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN communications, allowing versatile data transfer.

ICU (Integrated Communications Unit)

The Smart Meter is an essential part of the cluster, providing energy measurements. It can measure active and reactive power, as well as phases and phase voltages. The meter is also capable of communications through additional interfaces that can be added on to the meter, such as RS485, PLC, and ZigBee capabilities.  In addition to energy monitoring, the meter can also measure currents, frequencies, power factors, power delays, and switching states of power relays.

The Analog Digital Converter, or ADC, is used in the commercial cluster for counting the amount of pulses and storing them in the non-volatile memory. It acts as a collecting devices, storing signals it receives and sending alerts

The RF Module is used as a data transmission device, allowing data exchange about the state of devices. It receives data on the meter state through the radio channel, as well as allows for receiving information remotely via radio channel.

The RS-485 module is a data transmission device used in the commercial metering cluster. The RS-485 Module allows for data communication using RS-485 Technology

Additional Features:

Task Automation

Energy Resource Management

Flexible Configuration & Scaling

Data Exchange

Simple Deployment

Additional Functions

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