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Milandr's IoT Infosphere

Milandr’s INFOSPHERE provides secure wireless connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, devices and networks. The modular hardware and software components of the INFOSPHERE form a stackable and scalable system that enables flexibility and customization of IoT networks and smart city ecosystems.

A combination of interchangeable hardware and software modules, the INFOSPHERE is a scalable IoT monitoring and management system that automates data collection and processing for wireless transport to the Cloud, ERP systems, data analytics systems, or billing systems.

Providing the flexibility of both Wi-Fi and ISM band Radio Frequency (RF) wireless connectivity, the INFOSPHERE is perfect for IoT and Smart City applications where remote assets must be monitored in real-time and where wired infrastructure is not an option.

The INFOSPHERE was developed with scalability and flexibility in mind. The number of hardware modules in the INFOSPHERE stack depends on the data needed and the number of devices that have to be connected to the network. Just stack the modules you need and register them with the software. Modules can be stacked on a DIN rail for additional connectivity and functionality.

  • MCU Module (Master Control Unit)
  • Provides power, network and Ethernet connectivity for sub-modules

  • Electric Meter Module
  • Provides kWh electric metering for facilities, including active and reactive power, voltages, currents, frequency, presence of harmonic distortions, interphase angles and other power parameters

  • Wi-Fi Module
  • Provides Wi-Fi connectivity

  • ADC Module (Analog Discrete Control)
  • Provides conversion of analog sensor data to digital output

  • RF Module (Radio Frequency Communications)
  • 900 MHz ISM band for long range data communication via RF

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