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Milandr, Inc. Head-end Software

At the heart of Milandr, Inc.’s developments is the Head-end system, designed for housing, industrial installations , electricity grid companies and end users. The Network Management software is utilized to detect, measure, track, and manage thousands of devices in the infosphere, allowing companies to accurately manage and bill clients based on usage. The Head-end system contains many customizable features and capabilities, and is fully adaptable to fit each customer’s unique needs.

Infosphere Network Architecture

Description of the INFOSPHERE Architecture

The INFOSPHERE is made up of two main components: a set of hardware modules and the application software. The hardware and software components of the INFOSPHERE are designed to create scalable monitoring and management systems for housing and commercial services within the district. The "INFOSPHERE" has a security-first focus both in accessing devices and accessing user applications.

Hardware Modules

1. Microprocessor Control Unit (MCU)
2. Analog/Digital Converter (ADC)
3. Remote Disconnect (RDC)
4.RF868 Module (MRF)
5.Wi-Fi Radio Module (MWiFi)
5.Power Measuring Module (MIM-T)
6.Milandr Smart Meter
7.Data Acquisition and Reporting Device (DARD)

The "INFOSPHERE" hardware modules provide the organization of a trusted network of devices, including the safe connection of third-party devices. MCU, ADC, RDC, MRF, MFiWi and MIM-T have connectors for combining into blocks of cluster modules. Information exchange in the unit of cluster modules is carried out by LPSh. Each hardware module in the unit is placed on a DIN rail.
Any block of hardware modules should include an MCU. The list of other hardware modules in the unit depends on the interfaces needed and the number of devices that have to be connected to the network. The units modular design allows for high flexibility and customization of the network. Just connect the blocks necessitated by your network and register them with the software.

Software Application

The "INFOSPHERE" software will be implemented as a web application with a multitude of interfaces. Interfaces will be designed with stakeholders in mind; Each one will have different views depending on their position. For instance, the resident portal will provide different interfaces and data than the engineer portal, or the network portal. The network of trusted devices will have the ability to exchange data and information with the web application, so that the software is always provided with up to date, accurate information. As the software develops over time, more information and interfaces will be available for users.
Security is an important aspect of the system, and each device will provide data over a secure channel. Customers and employees will have secured accounts with set permissions. Customers will only have the ability to research their usage, pay bills, and check upcoming events/news. Employees will have set privileges depending on the scope and focus of the position. The software will make keeping track of usage, billing, and alerts simple and efficient.

Task Automation
  • Automatic Data Collection from Smart Electric Meters
  • Information transfer to the data collection & processing center
  • Balance control of received & shared electricity
  • Emergency protocols
  • Automated reporting
Energy Resource Management
  • Measures electricity in multi-rate mode
  • Hot/Cold Water Consumption and drainage
  • Gas Consumption
  • Heat Accounting
Flexible Configuration & Scaling
  • At the minimum configuration, the system can operate without the central server. In this case, the system automatically collects and transmits data through a multifunctional data concentrator.
  • “Plug and play” – the meter connection is established automatically.
Data Exchange
  • Data export to xml, xls, doc, and pdf files
  • Billing system integration and data transmission
Simple Deployment
  • No additional installation work is required
  • Channeling equipment is not required – modems are included.
Additional Functions
  • Monitoring the technical state of all components
  • Remote configuration and component customization
  • Quick access to Meter readings
  • Personal consumer account functions