Network Monitoring

Get live Monitoring & Performance for your whole network infrastructure using Milandr, Inc’s new Network Monitoring Software.

Monitor Your Network Performance

Milandr, Inc’s Network Monitoring Software automates device management, providing you
with everything you need to know about your network infrastructure in a visually appealing way.

  • Discover all active network interfaces
  • Monitor throughput, discards, errors
  • Track sessions
  • Watch power usage across POE states
  • Track flow via NetFlow, Jflow, and sFlow
  • Monitor chassis CPU cores, memory pools, temperatures & fans
NMS interfaces

Real Time Updates from Thousands of Devices

Milandr’s new ‘infosphere’ Network Management Software (NMS) is a real-time monitoring software, allowing for highly customizable data visualization. The infosphere application was built from the ground up by the Milandr team, with the goal of bringing an all-in-one solution to managing Iot and Smart City networks. The software is adept at bringing together a wide array of devices in order to track, monitor, maintain, and visualize entire networks of IoT devices. Our NMS is optimized for the management of networks across smart cities, and was developed with this goal in mind since inception. This robust NMS is more than just a hub for data visualization; it also includes a wide breadth of other functionality such as:

  • Real-time warnings and potential bottlenecks
  • Historical records of device activity
  • Usage statistics and performance tracking
  • GIS tracking of devices

Monitor your Network from Anywhere

Milandr’s Network Management Software (NMS) is extremely versatile, and is able to connect to thousands of devices across the network. It was built with compatibility in mind, so  you can monitor your network no matter where you are. The NMS supports desktop, tablet, and mobile applications to best suit your needs.  Turn on Notifications for quick updates and alerts regarding your network. With Milandr’s network management system, run your network at the touch of a button.

Runs on:

  • Mac
  • PC
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Linux

Network Functionality

Utilities Usage

Measure your Utility usage using our network management system. The system displays stats such as total usage, peak times, and average usage.

Maintenance Warnings

The NMS will give you maintenance warnings to streamline the automation of the system. Warnings will alert you of potential upcoming problems and network health.

GIS Mapping

The Software has the ability to show a GIS mapping of devices across the network, allowing you to visualize device locations and allow for quicker response times to problems.

Custom Reports

The custom reports feature will allow you to create your own customized reports that will generate the most relevant information configured for your specific network.

Network Monitoring

The software will be able to monitor thousands of devices spread across your IoT network, giving you real time updates on the health and efficiency of the network.

Device Tracking

Device tracking will be an important feature of the system, allowing you to track all kinds of devices set on your network. Generate heat maps of devices and view device locations.

Environment Monitoring

The NMS will be adept at spotting inefficiencies across the network as well as finding ways to become more eco-friendly.

Advanced Alerts

Advanced Alerts will be used to help you find problems before they happen, and help to quicken the response time in cases of emergency